#MoreCashLessTrash Skateboard Content


Together our voice is powerful and valuable, and at the Central Coast Art & Music Festival we empower that voice.
Some have wondered why we still have tickets to the Festival when there is no charge to attend.   Some of the reasons are logistical and practical in nature, but another reason is that your voice is your ticket to the Festival.
Our information is being collected all of the time, and most of the time we don’t even get anything for it.  That’s not the way it should work.  Your voice is valuable and should be treated accordingly!
Here, your voice has power and real value.    Tickets to most Festivals are prohibitively expensive for many people, but any one with a voice can attend our Festival.  We carefully curate the very best partners who want to hear what WE have to say so that they can connect with us and give us what we actually want, including an awesome festival!
Tell them what you want and use your power to make it happen!